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There is now more of an understanding of the importance of seeking support for mental health and how counselling can help.

Why see a counsellor?

People often choose to have counselling because they are experiencing difficulties and distress in their lives.

While most of the time, we are able to manage, sometimes the challenges can leave us feeling stuck, lost, overwhelmed, angry or unhappy.

It’s at times like this that talking to a professional can help.

People come to counselling for many reasons.  It might be to explore family and relationship difficulties, feelings of anxiety and depression, work-related stress, traumatic experiences and events from the past or in the present, self-harm and suicidal thoughts, experience of bereavement and grief or some other kind of loss.

Counselling doesn’t have to be something that you access just when you are in crisis.  It could be when you are having niggling questions around things that are going on in your life.  You might have noticed a recurring concern, or a pattern and counselling can help you to uncover what the cause might be.

What is counselling?

Counselling is a personal process to explore your thoughts and feelings with a trained professional.  It’s different from talking to friends and family because a counsellor is trained to offer a safe and non-judgemental space and to listen closely and carefully.

It is important to remember that counselling is not advice giving.  Counselling is meant to help you to explore and develop insight into your areas of concern and challenges, to help you develop your own solutions to your problems.

How can counselling help me?

Counselling can help you to develop self-awareness and achieve personal growth.  It can help you to manage anxiety and depression, to boost self-esteem and confidence and to find purpose and meaning. 

Through counselling, you may gain a better understanding of yourself and others, making it easier to navigate through relationships and difficulties so that you might feel more positive and hopeful. 

Counselling can enable choice and change.

For more information about how I work and how counselling might benefit you, please see my About page.

My Location

I am based at The Eaves in Farnham, Surrey and see clients from Farnham and the surrounding areas. I also offer telephone and online sessions.

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Tel : 07519 727 386

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